Milk Maid Soap Testimonies and Reviews

Makes Great Gifts

I was gifted soap from Milk Maid Soaps. I loved the smell and feel of the soap. I had to fight my sons to keep the last bar, due to they loved it too. Always a good thing when stinky boys are willing to use soap. Jean Marie Gardner, Buhl, Idaho

Prevents Dry Skin

Milk Maid Soaps

Our family has been using Milk Maid Soaps for more years than I can remember for so many reasons: We keep a bar beside each sink to keep our hands from drying out easily. My husband uses it for chronically dry scalp as it moisturizes dry skin. Our grand-daughter uses it to aid in healing her eczema. We give it as gifts to friends who say they never use any other soap in their shower. I like the fact that it has no dyes, nor artificial additives. The many fragrances are subtle and pleasant to the senses. Plus, the natural unscented is great for those with allergies. A Grateful Customer, Janet Mundt, Lebanon, Maine

As a ranch hand and hobbyist mechanic, I am guaranteed to get my hands covered in grease and muck almost every day. This means I end up in the bathroom scrubbing my hands in an attempt to get the grease off of my hands. I have tried many different soaps and they all seem to not work and dry out your hands. This has not been a problem though since I found Julie’s amazing “Milk Maid Soap”. This soap can remove all the grease off of your hands and it has never dried out my hands. This soap is amazing. Shiloh Rowden, Anatone, WA

No Fragrance

My family has been using Milk Maid Soap for several years. We like how it leaves our skin, is natural, and no fragrance. Dave Jeffries, Vancouver, WA