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Milk Maid Soaps

We offer 2 types of Goat Milk Soaps -- either scented or unscented. All of our soaps are produced from goats that are fed gluten free grains, so those with a gluten allergy will find these soaps very soothing to sensitive skin. We also offer scented soaps with concentrated pure essential oils to give these soaps a mild and relaxing scent. Our goat soaps contain no animal fats like lard, no colors, dyes or additives that irritate the skin. Our Purely Natural soaps are made from goats milk and coconut oil and contain no fragrances

Our Concentrated Essential Oil Soap Scents

Our Newest Purely Natural Goat Milk Products

Purely Natural
Purely Natural

In 2016 my granddaughter developed an auto-immune deficiency disorder. The doctor gave her this awful smelling oily lotion to put on her skin and told her to use oatmeal soap for the itch. When she asked if she could just use her Grandma’s goat milk soap, the doctor said “you can try”.

My grand-daughter is doing well with the "auto-immune deficiency disease". As long as we control her stress levels and she drinks a lot of water for hydration, she will remain problem free. And of course, she loves using her "special" soap. This is when I came out with “Purely Natural”. It is made of only goat's milk and coconut oil.

Purely Natural with Oatmeal
Purely Natural w. Oatmeal

I also make another called "Purely Natural with Oatmeal", which helps with the itch from dry skin, poison oak, and other skin discomforts. The oatmeal in the Purely Natural/Oatmeal soap helps stop the itching and the goats milk, which is rich in Vitamin A, helps repair skin tissues and the coconut oil keeps her skin moisturized. When the doctor says get some oatmeal soap, try “Purely Natural with Oatmeal”.

Soap Pricing

1 - 5 bars $5.00 ea.
6-12 bars $4.75 ea.
13-20 bars $4.50 ea.
21-30 bars $4.25 ea.
31-50 bars $4.00 ea.


Minimum shipping is $2.00 or $.75 per bar, or flat rate boxes, whichever is cheaper to ship.


We offer several options on how to order our soaps. You can either fill out an Order Form (pdf) or Order Form (Word) and mail it in via postal mail, or call us at 509-243-4303 with your order, or send us an email at You can also order our soaps online by filling out the PayPal form below:

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