A Few Facts About Goat Milk Soap

purley natural goat milk soap with oatmeal
  1. Goat milk is high in Vitamin A which is known to repair damaged skin tissues.
  2. Goat milk soap contains properties that are anti-inflammatory (inflammation is believed to be a leading cause in a lot of illnesses.)
  3. Goat milk is rich in cream, making for a creamier soap for better moisturizing.
  4. Goat milk contains selenium which is believed by scientists to help prevent skin cancer.
  5. Goat milk contains antibacterial properties which can stop little organisms from causing acne.
  6. Goat milk contains hydroxyl acid which helps remove dead skin.

Questions about Soaps Made from Goat Milk

Do All Soaps Contain Lye?

To answer that question, YES. Lye is dangerous to work with and if you are not extremely careful, you could get a nasty burn or permanent injury to yourself or someone working with you. You can buy a soap base to make your own soap (basically, a factory handled the lye for you). We make all of our soap from scratch, tray by tray. This is how we keep control of what goes into our “Milk Maid Soaps” and control the cost. We never use any colorings or scratchy additives and only use essential oils for fragrance.

See our Goat Milk Soaps page for a list of the scents made from essential oils that we use in our soaps.